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Finished Mangas Chapter 1

*Guardian Angel Ch 1 Pg 1 by TorresAdlinCDL91*Anime Otaku Ch 1 Pg 1 by TorresAdlinCDL91*Valhalla Warrior of the Gods Ch 1 Pg 1 by TorresAdlinCDL91*


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Hey guys thank you so much for the many views and faves.

I've been watching anime since I was really little, every morning before going to school I would watch Pokemon and Sailor Moon with my little brother. I've been drawing anime since 4th grade with a couple of other otakus in my class. I didn't draw as heavily as I do now, so I try to draw and practice to hopefully get better at drawing. I graduated from Full Sail University on September 30, 2011. I am also currently creating a video game with my boyfriend, we are hoping to get it done or at least the demo done within the span of 2-3 years.

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I am working on the final chapter of my book. I will be reading it over it, fixing the story, and then looking for a publishing company to well of course publish my book lol. I thought I should let you know that I am unable to fit the full chapter 5 on here because it was too long, sorry about that but I guess it will be a good grabbers, I guess, for you to want to read my book lol. Anyway I hope you guys enjoy chapter 5 and the earlier ones.
Valhalla Warrior of the Gods Ch 1
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Chapter 5

The Undead Rise in the Kingdom of Svartr

It’s cold, the floor seems wet for some reason and very slippery, there are no windows in this room, all large stone bricks. Luckily their is a light source from a little candle, but it isn’t a warm yellow and orange lighting instead it was eerily red like blood. A woman’s head locked between two wooden slabs, curly blonde hair loosely down by the side of her face, unable to break free, kneeling on the cold, wet, stone floor. The woman is frightened, tears rolling down her face, her beautiful, lavender gown being stained by what appears to be blood, but with this red lit candle it’s hard to tell. She see’s black leather boots and looks up and see’s a man, eyes cold and dark, an ornate golden crown sits atop his head, decorated with red rubies, dark brown hair slit back and short. It was the King of Svartr, Leonardo.

“Now my dear wife, I will only ask you one last time, who else do you plot with to assassinate your king?”

The woman, crying out, she has no idea what has become of her husband, why he acts the way he does.

“My dear husband, I promise you, there is no plot to harm you.”

The king then closes his eyes and walks to the left her.

“Then it pains me to do this to you.”

He places his hand on a lever and pushes it down. The next thing the woman heard was a click and a large blade falls on her neck, decapitating her from her head from her body. The head falls onto the bloody floor with a loud thud and her body slowly falls to it’s left making a small splash.

“Lies till the bitter end it seems my king.”

The steward of the king emerges from the corner holding the eerie red candle.

“Shall I burn the body?”

The king turns, body stiff, emotionless, walks towards the door of the dungeon.

“No, let it rot like the rest.”

The steward bows and follows the king out of the dungeon.

The sun is high in the sky, the wind is blowing calmly, the sky a beautiful blue. Alistair was riding to castle Svartr, to see his friends, Daemyn and his older brother Albrecht, who is returning home today.

“Prince Alistair?”

Alistair lifts his head lightly and looks out the window of his carriage to face one of his guards.

“We have arrived at Svartr but there are dark clouds rolling ahead from the north.”

Alistair moves towards the window and veers his head out to take a look himself. The clouds over Svartr look very ominous but not enough to even stray him from his journey.

“Let us hurry before the rain falls.”

His guard bows and knocks on the side of the carriage so the driver can hear, the driver snapped his reigns to signal the four horses to run faster towards the castle. After riding for four and a half days, Alistair has made it to the famous castle black, nicknamed for the black stones used from the beach a few miles down the cliff. The grandeur of this city is nowhere near as massive as Hilliard and so it should be, if any of the neighboring kingdoms were to challenge the golden city, war would break out and split this country apart. Lorna, before when she was alive and heir to Hilliard, was supposed to be visiting each of the small kingdoms to show friendship and that Hilliard would protect them from any harm, of course she never cared to travel unless it was of her own benefits, instead Alistair took her place as the envoy. Lorna was also engaged to the youngest son Daemyn, with her death Alistair was afraid that King Leonardo would break his ties from Hilliard but it has surprisingly been very quiet as of late. Alistair and his men rode into the small town behind the black stone wall. The fashion here in Svartr was also dark colored, black, grey, long with leather wraps, belts, or rope to keep their sleeves bound, and shoes tied, capes were always thick, either leather or fur. The fashion here does make sense, even when the sun shines through the sky, the wind blowing from the north is always cold, combined with the sea air, it’s almost like being hit with icicles. Alistair has just reached the inner wall, housing some of the lords and castle black itself and in front of the castle at the top of the stairs were waiting the royal family themselves, two of them anyway. King Leonardo himself, always poised strong and intimidating, his golden crown atop his head, the top part of his cape was black and underneath a bright red, a buttoned, black, satin vest, a black over coat with gold border trims, with the collar showing over the cape, open, black slightly loose pants, and black leather boots over his pants. His younger son, Daemyn, on the other hand has always been more flamboyant when it comes to fashion. Daemyn with his light blonde hair, like his mother tied back in a blue bow, is wearing a blue coat, with a dark red tone under neath, silver and white cuffs and trims decorate the coats outer layer, a light grey buttoned vest, a black laced puff tie, with a ruby red jewel in the center, black, lightly loose pants, and black leather boots. Queen Ayunli is nowhere to be found, and Prince Kaiser has yet to arrive. Alistair’s carriage stops in front of the stairs of the castle, both the king and his son walk down the stairs to meet Alistair. The driver of the carriage climbed down and rushed over to open the door, as soon as he did Alistair emerged from the brown and golden ornate carriage, with orange curtains, and walked down the steps to greet them. King Leonardo and his son Daemyn made it to the bottom of the stairs and kneeled on one leg. Leonardo flared his cape back as to not wrinkle it and kept his hands to the ground, Daemyn kneeled, left arm on the left knee and right hand on the ground. Being a lesser king he has to bow lower than those from the royal family of Hilliard and in return Alistair bows as to not disrespect his host and hopefully, continued ally.

“Your grace, we are so honored to have you visit us. I pray the journey was not too harsh.”

Alistair shook his head and stood straight, his face was still worn about his sisters death but tried not to show it.

“Please rise King Leonardo, Prince Daemyn.”

Both Leonardo and Daemyn rose to face Alistair. He kept a very serious look on his face, but refuse to give any eyes contact to either the king or his son.

“King Leonardo, I’ve- I’ve come-”

Leonardo raises his right hand slightly to stop Alistair from speaking any further.

“I’m aware of your sisters death, my son, Daemyn, took the news fairly hard. Not as hard, I’m sure as you and your mother have.”

The king couldn’t take his eyes of Alistair, not even for a moment. Alistair was still having trouble looking him in the eye till he closed his eyes and took a deep breath, lifted his head, and opened his eyes tile was looking at the king. His smile, his smile for some reason didn’t feel welcoming, or calm, but very eerie, as if he had some very dark secrets to hide. He quickly ignored when Daemyn walked up to him, placed his left hand on Alistair’s right shoulder, and pulled him close and embrace him. Alistair was taken aback for a moment and embraced his friend in return.

“I’m glad you’re all right my friend.”

Daemyn spoke softly, seeing that Alistair was still shaken up about his sisters death.

“Come in dear boy, you must be weary from your journey.”

Leonardo walked to Alistair left and placed his right hand on his back to move him up the stairs and inside the castle.

Some hours have gone by since Alistair arrived at Svartr. Alistair refused to sleep, instead he stayed with his best friend from childhood, sitting on his large, golden couch, with hand stitched dark red and dark gold filigree designs, fiddling with his hands till Daemyn handed him a small glass with a drink and a few ice balls inside.

“Here, Barebree’s finest scotch, but the finest, that we are having when Albrecht arrives.”

A knock sounds at the door.

“Come in.”

Daemyn says as he leans against his self personal, black, bar cabinet. The door opens and a young servant maiden walks in carrying a tray of food for both Daemyn and Alistair. The young maiden walks over to the small ornate brown table. The woman looks up, hair pulled back by her white hair band, eyes, a beautiful amethyst purple, widened largely when she saw Alistair and stood straight up.

“Do you like her, she’s new.”

Daemyn walked behind her and placed an arm around her neck and laid it over her shoulder. The woman then gave him a scowled look on her face. Daemyn gestured her to wait by the wall, most likely till they were done with the food.

“You know you’re the last person that would sulk over your sister, the kind of person she was.”

Alistair surprised of his words.

“She was your fiancé.”

Daemyn laughed as he grabbed an entire bottle of the Barebree Scotch and sits on the couch opposite Alistair and places the bottle on the table.

“True, she was announced as my fiancé, yet she decided to go on some midnight journeys in her bedroom.”

Alistair quickly looked down on the floor angry that his words do ring truth.

“So, why have you felt so guilty?”

Alistair squeezed his glass slightly, but not enough to break it.

“Daemyn, I was the last person she spoke to, the last person she saw before she died.”

Alistair’s tone was very soft but also very sad. Daemyn lowered his glass after he took a sip.

“How would you know?”

Alistair slowly lifted his face to look Daemyn in the eye.

“My mother took me to where she found her body, that was the area Lorna took me to finally speak her mind about me.”

Alistair chuckled a bit but it was an awkward one. 

“I was charged with keeping her safe, and I allowed her words to send me away.”

Alistair then looked over at the woman behind Daemyn, familiar eyes looking back at him, not in pity, but in wanting to comfort him. Daemyn then leaned forward till he was mimicking Alistair pose.

“I’m sorry.”

Alistair shook his head, knowing that there was no reason for one. Then the door swung open fast and another servant maiden rushed in out of breath.

“Your graces, Prince Albrecht has just arrived.”

Daemyn quickly stood up in joy.

“Well let’s go old friend, I’m sure Albrecht will be glad to see you.”

Daemyn smiling, walks over to Alistair and extends a hand out to help him up. Alistair took his hand, got up from the couch, and grabbed his cape.

“Why don’t you go on ahead I’ll meet you there.”

Daemyn nodded his head and walked out the door. Alistair was in the process of putting on the cape when he saw that him and the servant woman were the only ones left in the room. She was about to grab the tray of food when Alistair turned, grabbed her arm, and pushed her against the wall by the bar. The woman was frightened, eyes wide.

“Do you really think I wouldn’t recognize you, Valhalla.”

Alistair smiled and chuckled. Valhalla sighed and leaned her head against the wall. Alistair then let’s go of her and steps back.

“You can change your eyes but not your face. Why are you here?”

Alistair’s face grew serious, if Valhalla is here it can’t be good. Valhalla was hesitant to reveal why she was there but she didn’t say anything, there was a chance that Alistair will reveal who she really is to the king.

“A few of the lords and servants have gone missing, I’m here to find out what has happened to them. Also there is something else.”

Alistair was concerned but also confused, what could be worse then the missing people.

“It seems there are dark magic, forbidden magic at play here.”

“What kind of forbidden magic?”

Valhalla took a deep breath before speaking.

“Undead magic.”

The ballroom was lively and cheerful, their prince has finally returned home. A kingdom a few continents away was under siege and they needed aid, so Alistair asked Albrecht if he can go in his place. Obviously Albrecht accepted, the king on the other hand did not like the fact that Alistair sent his eldest son and heir to Svartr, off to fight in some foreign war but to refuse the prince of Hilliard is to refuse allegiance and had no choice but to accept his son’s orders. King Leonardo was standing still, like a statue in front of his throne, his steward, stands on the thrones right side, Daemyn on the left, and Alistair standing a few feet away from him so as to not obscure the family view. Alistair has yet to met Queen Ayunli and he is getting worried, worried if what Valhalla said is true. The door of the ballroom swings open, and a young man walks through, a red cape flies behind him with ornate golden designs decorating the border of the cape, dark brown hair like his father, short but still able to tie it back with a black bow, a long black coat with golden tassels hanging off the shoulder, a bright red, buttoned vest with small silver chains, black, form fitting pants, and black leather boots that stop above the knees. He was walking very confidently, a small smile on his face, showing that he is happy to be home but more happy to have won the war, that luckily only lasted three years. As Albrecht reach the stairs, he kneeled on one leg and looked up at his father, with a smile on his face.

“Father I have returned home, a conquering hero, and unharmed, as promised.”

Albrecht has a cocky smile on his face. His father returns the smile and walks down the steps, places his hands on Albrecht shoulders to stand him up, and embraces his son, as if he thought he would never see him again. Daemyn followed behind his father and embraces his older brother.

“You have no idea how happy I am to see you safe.”

Daemyn smiles widely at his brother. Alistair slowly walks down the stairs so as to not interrupt the family reunion. Albrecht glances over in his direction and Alistair just stops in place, worried that Albrecht would be mad for sending him away from home.

“Alistair? My goodness look at you.”

Both of them smiled and laughed as they walked up to each other, extended their arms out, grabbed each others wrists, then embraced. However Albrecht quickly pushed Alistair off of him to say a few words of comfort, “I may not have been home these past several year but of of your sisters death have reached my ear. She may not have been kind to you but I do understand your loss and for that I am sorry for your sisters death, I hope your mother is doing well.”

Alistair smiled lightly and say, “Thank you, you have no idea how much that mean to me and my mother.”

Albrecht nodded at Alistair, then his father walked up to them three and placed a hand on both of his sons shoulders and say,

“Come now it’s a time for celebration, our prince and heir to Svartr has returned, please musician play your music.”

King Leonardo gestured over to the musician to have them play lively music and walked off to greet his other guests.

“When you two have the chance we’ll meet in Daemyn’s room, I have something to discuss with you both.”

Alistair said with a very serious tone in his voice and waits for both Albrecht and Daemyn to respond. Both of them looked at each other in concert and nodded.

A few hours have passed and Daemyn was leading both Alistair and Albrecht to his room. Albrecht has been going on about his feat in the war, many of it does sound exaggerated but the three of them smiled and laughed to enlighten him. As soon as the three made it to Daemyn room the door swung open and it was the servant maiden from earlier but something seems different about her, she gestured the three of them to enter the room and closed the door behind them. Alistair and Albrecht removed their capes and the servant took them and quickly hanged them on the rack by the large, red, closed curtain window. It was very dark outside and the room was being lit by several candles layered around the room.

“It’s still pretty dark in here, please light the fire place then leave us.”

Daemyn commanded the servant. She walked over to the fire place and with a wave of her hand fire shot out and light the logs ablaze. Both Albrecht and Daemyn were surprised that they had a mage as a servant.

“You’re eyes have yet to change?”

Alistair asked the servant woman. She tilted her head slightly and crossed her arms.

“They did but you three took to long and I still had chores to get done.”

Alistair laughed as the women raised her right hand till it was leveled to her face and tapped her index finger on the corner of her eye, then the three noticed her eyes went from this amethyst purple to a garnet pink and walks in front of the table as Albrecht and Daemyn slowly sit on the couch. Valhalla then looks straight at Alistair, who hasn’t stopped looking at the ground.

“Do you want to start things off or should I?”

Both brothers glanced over at each other then looked at Alistair. He wanted to say no but he knows that he still does not fully understand what is going on and gestured for her to continue and sits on the same couch as Albrecht. Valhalla crossed her arms and looked at the floor for only a moment.

“My name is Valhalla, I was charged to look into the mysterious disappearances of the nobles and the servants here in Svartr.”

Albrecht was confused because he has not heard of any disappearances but not as confused as Daemyn, he was never told or seen anything.

“What do you mean disappearances, I’ve not heard any of this and charged by whom.”

Valhalla, who’s face has not faltered looked at Daemyn.

“By Lady Hel herself, Queen of Hellheim, keeper of the dead.”

Both Daemyn and Albrecht looked at each other, concerned about this woman who claims to know the Goddess Hel. Albrecht quickly stood up and faced Valhalla.

“This is ridiculous, what claims do you have of this.”

Valhalla smiled at his skepticism and looked him in the eyes.

“I have many claims, tell me Daemyn when was the last time you’ve seen Lord Trigar Durhildr and his family or Lord Braxton and Lord Divern Trailex and their family? ”

Daemyn shook his head, unsure of how to answer her question.

“How could you not know, they’ve been missing for almost a month, and yet the king claims-”

Valhalla was immediately cut of by Alistair.


His voice was very soft but he knew she was stepping over the line and looked at Daemyn.

“Daemyn when was the last time you’ve seen your mother?”

Daemyn laughed a little and responded, “It’s been three days, she isn’t missing only ill.”

Albrecht then looked at him and asked, “She’s been ill for three days, what is wrong?”

Daemyn then looked at Alistair.

“Daemyn, who said she was ill?”

Daemyn then looked to the floor, he knew who told him but didn’t want to admit that anything was wrong.

“No one has seen your mother, there have been no doctors or even healers visiting the castle to tend to her. Daemyn your people are frightened, something is going on here and I plan to find out what it is.”

Albrecht the quickly turns to Alistair enraged.

“Stop it! I will not have accuse my father of this ridiculous conspiracy Daemyn come.”

Albrecht was ready to leave the room but Daemyn sat still, knowing that there is truth in what Alistair said.

“Where have you looked?”

Daemyn turns to look at Valhalla, Albrecht disappointed that Daemyn even is considering what they say.

“I’ve looked pretty much everywhere, not unless there are secret passages that you know.”

Daemyn quickly stood up remembering something.

“There is one, it’s in the dungeon, it was placed there if this place ever became under sieged.”

Valhalla nodded, “I will look there now.”

Valhalla walked towards the door but was grabbed by Daemyn.

“Wait, I will lead you there, but if we find nothing you will cease your investigation on my father.”

Valhalla nodded in compliance then looked over at Alistair.

“You two rest-”

Alistair then stood up himself annoyed that she was going to have him stay in his room while his best friend tread dangerous waters.

“I’m going as well, I will not have you endanger my friend.”

Valhalla’s eyes grew sad as he only made mention of Daemyn, of course she did arrive recently accusing his father of treachery and nodded. Daemyn turned to his older brother, angry that he was going to look into this.

“Albrecht, you have been gone for three years, you don’t know what has been going on. I’ve been terrified of my own father, he hasn’t been the same man since you left, I have to look into this.”

Albrecht had no choice but odd in agreement then looked at Valhalla.

“I swear if anything happens to my brother, I will come for your head.”

Valhalla was then getting angry and annoyed that all three of them don’t even trust her, she knew why but it still hurts her so. The four of them left the room and went their separate ways for the night.

Daemyn, Alistair, and Valhalla made it to the dungeon. It was very cold and dusty, unused for years.

“It’s this way.”

Daemyn pointed towards a wall at the back of the dungeon. As they got to the wall Daemyn began to feel for a specific stone brick.

“Excuse me, it’s been a while.”

Valhalla walked closer to him and extended her hand out, “Aldrnari.”

A ball of fire erupted in Valhalla hand, red and orange swirls as if dancing.

“I thought this would help your search.”

Daemyn smiled amazed at what she can do.

“Thank you.”

Daemyn bowed as he turns to the wall no looking for something specific.

“I’m sorry about my brother Valhalla, he can be quite over protective.”

Valhalla laughed a little, “It’s all right. If keeping my head means keeping you safe then I will do just that.”

Valhalla says smiling, both Alistair and Daemyn laughed, at least they are without a sense of humor. Alistair then noticed something on the wall.

“Daemyn this stone has a symbol on it.”

Alistair feels the engraving on the stone, it’s the Svartr family symbol. Daemyn quickly got off the wall and say, “Push the stone.”

Alistair nodded and push the stone brick in and they heard a click and mechanical gears grinding behind the wall. A piece of the wall pushes inward and swings open slightly.

“Let’s go.”

Valhalla goes through the opening first to light the way and Alistair and Daemyn follow behind. Going down the stairs it felt really cold as if entering an ice cave, chills going down their spines, and a horrid smell fills their noses. Valhalla then stops unable to continue further because of the smell.

“You all right?”

Alistair ask slightly concerned, the smell doesn’t seem to be bothering him and Daemyn had a handkerchief over his nose.

“How can you stand this smell?”

Daemyn then quickly, with his free hand reached into his coat pocket and took out his mother’s handkerchief, and handed it to Valhalla.

“Fighting in a war stained battle field for so much, you kind of get used to it, it’s the other smells you need to watch out for.”

Valhalla and Daemyn looked at each confused of his words as Alistair continues forward. They finally reached the bottom of the stairs and saw that there were a few doors, all closed. Valhalla walked up to the first one on her right and heard a small splash below her and looked down. The liquid was very dark, her breath began to heavy, she then looked at the door knob, hesitating to grab it, afraid to smell that horrid smell again, realizing that she may have smelled it before, she remembers a carcass of a horse lying eaten on the road but this smell was worse, ten times stronger. Valhalla finally placed her hand on the doorknob and swung it open but slipped as soon as she entered the room. The three of them are having trouble staying up, Valhalla immediately felt something very cold and wet, she took a quick whip off it and her eyes widened.


Alistair yelled extending his hand out to light up the room in a bright white light and revealed the room, blood splattered everywhere, and a small pile of bodies, all rotting with flies saying over them, a wooden table laying on the ground, with large scratches and blunt marks with dried blood stains on it and leather straps. Valhalla kneeling on the ground, dress now covered in blood, staring at her hands also covered in blood, eyes widened in horror of the room. Daemyn stumbled at the sight of the room and quickly placed his left hand on the wall next to him and slid down slightly revealing more blood stains, he quickly looked at the wall then his hand, the hand still holding the handkerchief he quickly places over his mouth, trying really hard not to gag. Alistair took a step back, his body was trembling slightly, but it is a sight he is a customer to, but not this extent. Why are there bodies? why is this room freshly bloodied? Alistair looked down at Valhalla, still kneeling, body trembling, he walks to her, his hands on her shoulder and looks at her, her eyes were very wide, her mouth open slightly trying to make a sound but she is too horrified. Alistair then moves his right hand on her left cheek to try and get her to look at him but she just can’t make any eye contact. He then turned to call to Daemyn but when he did he was standing in front of a guillotine and leaning down, arms extended reaching towards something on the ground, his body was trembling, he then quickly kneeled to the floor and made a loud thud and picked up a severed head.


Alistair called his name, noticing his body began to tremble fiercely, eyes widened in horror.

“It’s my mother.”

Daemyn, looking at the head of his mother, eyes closed, light blonde, curly hair, cut and stained with blood from the floor. Alistair quickly turned his head hearing voices, he quickly stood up to close the door, silently, and ran back to Valhalla.


Alistair called out to his friend already placing his mothers head on the ground as he found her and ran over to help lift up Valhalla. Daemyn gestured over to the fallen down table to hide behind and as soon as they moved she took a deep breath, ready to scream, and Alistair placed a hand over her to mouth, rand behind the table, and with a wave of his hand snuffed out the light. The door then creaked open and an eerie red light filled the room and footsteps echoed through the room.

“Perhaps I should have you burn the bodies, the smell is starting to reach the dungeon.”

The voice, it was so familiar, Alistair looks over at Daemyn, eyes widened, and body trembling out of anger. Alistair is hoping he doesn’t reveal them. He then looked over at Valhalla, eyes still widened, body still trembling, his hand is still over her mouth to keep her quiet, he chest moving up and down, showing that she is still breathing heavy, her trembling hands on his arm clutching very hard out of fear.

“It’s all right my king, I will be sure to burn them once your sons have laid to rest for the night.”

The king, it looks like Valhalla suspicion was true, her eyes began to relax and she moved his hand from her face.

“Be sure to burn my wife last. I will soon need to come up with something for my sons.”

More footsteps are being sound, it could be the steward walking to the king.

“Why not tell them the truth, your wife was conspiring to assassinate you.”

The footsteps paced towards the door.

“Maybe, it will take them some convincing, they both loved her dearly.”

The door then began to creak close, the red light fading out of the room, there voices fading away, till the three were lone in the darkness.

Morning has come, all though you would never tell with those dark clouds over the kingdom. Alistair, Daemyn, and Albrecht were all sitting at a pretty large table, food in front of them, but they refused to eat. The door into the dining hall opened and emerged the king, strolling in as if nothing was wrong, giving them an eerie smile.

“And how are the three prince’s doing this fine morning?”

The three of them, barely making eye contact with him, nodded in his direction.

“Were doing fine father.”

Albrecht says trying to break the silence. King Leonardo nodded and walked over to where Daemyn was sitting and sat next to him and began eating his food. The three of them finally began eating as well to show that there was nothing wrong. Daemyn on the other hand became hesitant. His father looked up at him curious of what he could be thinking.

“Is everything all right my son?”

Daemyn tried to form words but couldn’t and nodded.

“I was wondering father, I know mother has been ill for a few days now, might I go see her?”

His father quickly turned his head to continue eating and shook his head.

“But I thought I could help comfort her, I know she must-“

His father suddenly rolled his hand into a fist and slammed it against the table.

“I said no!”

The three of them jumped, scared of what Leonardo would do.

“I’m sorry, the doctors have deemed her contagious and say that no one can see her, not even her husband.”

Leonardo then stood up and placed a hand on Daemyn shoulder and say, “Once she is well the three of us can go see her together.”

Daemyn, trembling with anger, looks over at his fathers hand on his shoulder, and nodded.

“Now if you three will excuse me I have some matters to attend to.”

Leonardo wiped his mouth with a small white cloth next to his empty plate and walked out of the room. As soon as the door closed Albrecht quickly stood up in frustration, “What in hellheim is wrong with you? You could have gotten yourself killed.”

A woman form the wall behind Daemyn walked over to them in a hurry, “Your grace Albrecht, your room is ready.”

It was Valhalla still disguised. Albrecht nodded at her and looked back at Daemyn and Alistair.

“Let’s go.”

The other two stood up and left the dining hall.

The young prince’s were all sitting in Albrecht room, all the candles were lit even the fireplace, it’s day time but those dark clouds would say other wise. Alistair looks over at Valhalla, over by the fire place seeking comfort by the fire.

“Valhalla tell me, have you ever killed any one before?”

Valhalla was hesitant to turn to him shook her head.

“And you call yourself a warrior.”

Albrecht said coldly. Valhalla then turns, angry at his words.

“Killing doesn’t make a warrior, not war, not fighting, and especially not strength, but the ability to use a sword to save someone, anyone. You’d do well to remember that Prince Albrecht Svartr.”

Valhalla said in a very harsh tone towards Albrecht as he quickly stood up and Valhalla walking out the room. Alistair quickly stopped Albrecht and Daemyn grabbed Valhalla, gently on the arm.

“Wait, please excuse my brother, he does not know what he says.”

Valhalla looked gently at Daemyn, still shaking from what he saw last night.

“What are we to do of the king.”

Daemyn and Valhalla looked back at Alistair.

“I think the real threat could be the steward.”

Albrecht says as he sits back down.

“What makes you say that.”

Valhalla curious about his reason.

“None of this started till he arrived three months after me. Mother never trusted him begged my father to dismiss him and yet he stays. How is it that a total stranger from nowhere makes it as my fathers steward?”

Alistair, Daemyn, and Valhalla all looked at each not realizing this sooner.

“So your father could be under the stewards influences.”

Valhalla said looking at Albrecht and he nodded in response. Alistair then looked at Daemyn and asks, “Where does his room lie?”

Daemyn shook his head unsure of where it is, he has never spoken with him alone or even visited him.

“I know where it is, I’ve delivered food to his room quite a few times.”

Alistair nodded then looked at Albrecht.

“Valhalla and I-”

Alistair was quickly cut of by Valhalla, “No, I will go alone this time.”

The three of them looked at her concerned especially what happened to her in the room.

“I’m not someone who needs to be cuddled, I’m perfectly capable of taking care of myself.”

Valhalla frustrated walks out of the room. Now it was just the three of them looking at each other concerned for Valhalla.

“She is right, all she needs to do is look, she isn’t going to face him.”

Alistair looked at Albrecht, still unsure of letting her go alone.

“If that is the case then we need to preoccupy the steward.”

Albrecht and Alistair nodded at Daemyn, and the three of them left the room to meet the steward.

Albrecht, Daemyn, and Alistair were all waiting around the corner of the library. The king has been having his meetings in there instead of his office for some reason but right now the focus is the steward, they know he his standing by him. The doors swung open and many of the nobles scurried out of the room in a hurry, then both the king and the steward finally emerged form the room and the three of them reveal themselves from the corner.


Both the king and the steward turned to see all three prince’s approaching them and bowed.

“If it’s all right with you I would like to borrow the steward, it would be nice I got to know a man that will help me rule after you.”

The steward, hunched over, very long, loose, dark brown hair, and a large, grey, fur coat, and dark skin was about to say something but the king spoke first.

“What a great idea, let us head to the dining hall, I’m quite famished.”

The steward had no choice but to agree with his king and they all headed for the hall. As soon as they were in the dining hall, they sat at the large black dining table. Albrecht very eager to know about the steward.

“So my prince, what do you wish to know about me first?”

Albrecht gave a faint smile and asked, “How did you become the steward for my father?”

The king who was slouching, straightened up in his seat.

“That’s easy, he saved your mother and with his great knowledge of the lands far west across the sea made him a great asset to me and one day you my son.”

Albrecht then glared at the steward without moving his head away from his fathers direction.

“Where exactly are you from?”

Alistair noticed that the steward took something out from within his coat pocket and looked down to it.

“I come from the great desert kingdom of Jalal Dahabi.”

Alistair then leaned forward onto the table, “That is a long way from home.”

The steward looks over to Alistair, with an eerie smile on his face.

“True, how else was I going to see the world, there were many wonders there but I wanted to see more and the magic here is truly a work of wonders.”

Albrecht continue to ask him more questions to stall him, allowing Valhalla more than enough time to find whatever she needs, Daemyn on the other hand stayed quiet, meeting the steward like this was very uncomfortable.

“Are you all right little prince?”

The steward asked, leaving an echo in his head.

“Yes Daemyn, you’ve been very quiet.”

Daemyn startled adjusted in his seat ready to speak until the door to the hall sun open, and a young familiar servant maiden ran into the room, out of breath.

“Your graces there you are.”

It was Valhalla disguised, she curtsied as to not disrespect the kings sons.

“My goodness woman is everything all right?”

Valhalla nodded, calming herself.

“Yes, my apologies my king, I drew a bath for the prince’s, I din’t want the water to run cold.”

The king looked out the window, it’s still very hard to tell when in the day it is but it still did not confuse the king.

“It is getting late, why not the three of you relax, there are still a few things I must get done.”

They all stood up and bowed to each other, the steward had an evil glance at Valhalla before leaving with the king. Alistair, Albrecht, and Daemyn all looked over at Valhalla, eyes grew wide with concern.

The four of them entered the bath house, steam rising high, almost thickening the room with heat and white clouds. Valhalla pacing rushing to get everything for the prince’s to bathe. The three of them trying to call out to a worried, rushing Valhalla, till Alistair grabbed Valhalla gently on the arm, refusing to make eyes contact with him.

“What is it? What did you find?”

Valhalla, clutching the white towel in her arm, looking at the floor responds, “Everything, magic that should never exist.”

Valhalla’s tone was very soft and shaken with fear.

Albrecht who was already half dresses had to ask her, “Is he behind my fathers behavior?”

Valhalla still looking at the floor nodded her head and responds, “Yes, he had books on mind control, raising the dead, spells I dare never to reiterate.”

Valhalla turned to hand Albrecht the towel, as soon as she turns she sees Albrecht completely shirtless, pants unbuttoned barely staying and jumps completely off guard.

“What are you doing!?”

Valhalla yells with a high shriek, Albrecht just looks confused at her.

“You drew a bath, so I’m going to bathe.”

Daemyn then began to remove his pants, Valhalla’s eyes widened and drew the towel over head.

“Why don’t you wait till I’m gone first!”

As Valhalla shrieks, and rushes behind the red curtain and draws it close. They three of them looked, her embarrassment almost making them laugh.

“Is she serious.”

A smile broke on Daemyn face, ready to laugh.

“She has never been with a man.”

A grin broke on Alistair face as he walks over to where Valhalla is.

“Please continue, what else did you find?”

Alistair begins to undress in front of the curtain, Valhalla, her head buried in her hands, complete embarrassed about how she reacts, continues her findings in the stewards chambers.

“I did see a symbol, on one of the books that was open, an x with a line going through it, and two lines one on each side of the symbol, I read that the person you wish to control, once you marked them on the forward they are under the masters control.”

The three of them sitting in the hot bath, looked at each concerned for the king.

“Daemyn, when was the last time you saw father without his crown?”

Albrecht asked his younger brother who his beginning to conceal himself.

“It’s been almost four months, he has never taken it off, never set it down. He even had mother sleep in a separate room.”

Daemyn voice was very soft, filled with guilt for not seeing this long ago.

“Daemyn, do not weight this on your shoulder, you could have never known-”

Albrecht was trying to comfort his younger brother but was quickly cut off when Daemyn glared angrily at him.

“Yes I could have, I was charged with keeping our father safe, and I utterly failed him and you.”

Alistair, looking at Daemyn, seeing his friend is exactly how he has been with his sister.

“There is something else.”

The three of them turned over to hear her speak more.

“It’s seems death can free him from his control.There was no other description of what it meant.”

Daemyn and Albrecht began to worry, Alistair had to say something.

“Valhalla that could mean anything.”

Valhalla quickly walked out of the curtain and straight to the door without looking at them.

“I know.”

Valhalla leaves the men in the bath alone, trying to compensate what she meant.

The king sitting in his chambers, curtains all closed, no candle lit. He was confused, concerned for his sons.

“My king, why not dispose of the Hilliard prince and his whore.”

The kings eyes slowly moved from his desk to the steward.

“If I did then a war will break out between me and Hilliard, and you I both know that we do not have the army to face them.”

The steward nodded as he walks closer to the kings desk.

“Unless you married the queen and therefore place your son Albrecht as the next heir to Hilliard, then the whole queendom will be yours, or should I say kingdom.”

The kings eyes widened, an eerie smile almost broke on his face, and slowly get’s up from his seat.

“Then by all means, let us be rid of the traitorous prince.”

Meanwhile Valhalla was in the kitchen preparing a meal for the prince’s. Just a small meal to hold them over before dinner time. Valhalla then felt very uneasy, as if she was being watched. Then she heard a wailing scream come from far behind her, it sounded like a woman in pain, Valhalla then ran to find out what is going on. Valhalla kept running down the halls, following the scream, till she made it to the throne room, it was silent, no screams, nothing.


Valhalla called out but no one responded, she was facing the throne, the room eerily dark, then she heard someone whisper her name, it was a familiar whisper, she slowly turns, and a woman standing before her. Her hair is long and black, her white dress glows in the darkness with a dark purple bordering the edge of her dress. Her eyes were a bright pink, similar to Valhalla.


Valhalla mothers was standing before her, she was smiling calmly. Valhalla was confused because her mother is supposed to be dead but she was standing in front of her, unchanged by time, extends her hand out to Valhalla. She then slowly walked to her mother, raising her hand ever so cautiously. Her mother suddenly slid back into the darkness. Valhalla frightened, quickly rushed to her and without realizing it opened the door to outside the castle. The winds were roaring, speeds trying to push her back, she finally kept her balance outside and saw the clouds over head were as black as any coal, and the in the center of the courtyard was the steward and the king staring back at her.

“I’ver heard stories about you, but honestly I never thought them real, Lady Red.”

Said the king, stoned faced, and sure of himself that she was no real threat. Valhalla then slowly walked down the steps, caution in her eyes, waiting to see if either of them will do something but once she reached the bottom of the steps they both stood very still, almost untouched by the wind.

“And how did you find me out?”

The steward smiled, “I have eyes and ears everywhere, I just needed time to piece together who you are.”

The king then raised his hand slightly till it was leveled to his waist and a symbol appeared on his hand, glowing black, then undead hands spew out of the ground decaying the ground around them, like weeds infecting a garden.


Valhalla turned around and saw Alistair, Albrecht, and Daemyn standing in the doorway of the castle, looking horrified at what she is facing.

“Dispose of him.”

Ordered the king to the steward, he quickly raised his hand till a dark ball appeared on his hand.

“As you wish my king.”

A magic blast shot out of the stewards hand straight at Alistair, Albrecht had to act fast, grabbed him by his gown collar and right arm and threw him to the wall next to Albrecht and the blast exploded where Alistair stood. Daemyn dodged to his left as to not get hit, then Albrecht grabbed Alistair again and dragged him to the small wall in front of them and hid.

“Beware as to not hit my sons.”

The king looked frustrated at the steward for almost endangering his sons. Valhalla looked over at where Alistair and Albrecht hid then back at the undead soldiers in front of her, brought her hands together, one fisted the other open and summoned her sword, and the soldiers attacked. She quickly dodged the first attack, then the second and sliced his chest and he fell to the ground, however he did not stay down. The soldier slowly stood up grabbed his broad sword and turned to face her, the wound on his chest revealed the inside his boy,no blood,but dried organs covered in maggots and worms and swung to attack her. Then Valhalla heard a clang behind her, slightly turned and saw that Daemyn blocked an attack from behind and saved her. Daemyn turned slightly to see her face and she nodded in appreciation then returned to the fight with Daemyn by her side. The steward was slithering volleys of dark magic attacks at where Alistair and Albrecht was hiding, and became infuriated, turned his hand over till a small black ball floated above his hand. Alistair trying to catch his breath looked up and say a dark eye menacingly staring at him.

“I see you.”

The steward says grinning as he turns his hand again till it was facing out and purple lightning began to dance around the small ball still floating above his hand. Then Alistair all of a sudden found it hard to breath, his neck felt like it was being squeezed by a rope that wasn’t there. Albrecht looked over at Alistair, struggling to breath and saw a purple lightning dancing around his neck. He was unsure of what todo to save his friend, he thought of his dagger hiding in his left boot, drew it out, and threw it at the steward, when he did, the steward created a temporary barrier with his left hand to block the dagger. Albrecht the drew his sword to attack the eye but his swing went straight threw it.

“Valhalla stop the steward! He’s killing Alistair!”

Valhalla quickly turned to the steward and the restive her surroundings, swung her blade in the direction of the steward and a wall of fire sprung up towards the steward and knocked him back. Then Valhalla grabbed Daemyn at the neck of his gown and threw him on the floor, spun once and created another wall of fire, encircling her and Daemyn and with the motion of her hands, extended out, pushed the wall away and burned the undead to ash and dissipated the wall. Daemyn out of breath looked up at her, “Why didn’t you try that earlier?”

Valhalla shrugged, unsure herself why she didn’t do it. She then looked up towards the king, summoned her sword again, and began to walk towards him.

“You’re very skilled with your magic.”

The king said, sounding almost impressed. Valhalla then lunged at the king and swung her sword at his head. Albrecht and Daemyn shocked that she striked their father, but saw that the crown flew off his head and on the ground behind him. The king staggered, picks himself up and revealed the puppet symbol on his forehead. His face grew angry, eyes widened with rage. Valhalla looked quickly to her right and saw that the steward was gone, she looked all in that direction to see where, but it seems he has vanished. Valhalla not paying attention was grabbed by the throat by the king and was picked up, and it seems with his new found rage has picked up strength, most likely from the symbol, turned and swung her back. Valhalla fell hard to the ground but quickly got up. She was slightly out of breath from the throw but she can continue.

“Leonardo do you not realize you are being taken over.”

The king still enraged raised his left hand in the air, then the sky grew increasingly red, then black droplets began to spill from the sky. As soon as she felt the first droplet on her cheek, she wiped it off, and revealed it to be blood. Horrified, looks up at the king and felt something grab her leg, she quickly looked down and saw undead hands spring out of the ground, grabbing her, and slowly pulling her under. The king then lowered his hand slightly, turned still looking at Valhalla, and grabbed Daemyn sword that almost struck him. The king then turned to look at Daemyn, his sons eyes widened with fear.

“You disappoint me, Daemyn.”

His father then swung him over and Daemyn fell hard to the ground. Valhalla saw this and summoned the sigils to appear on her body and her eyes began to glow red. The king then took his sons sword and pointed it down to him. Daemyn struggling from the fall couldn’t get up.

“This is the end for you.”

His father said in a very monotoned voice, uncaring that he was going to kill his own son, began to strike down the sword at his sons heart, until a black blade stroked to the kings heart instead. Black liquid, instead of blood, began to spill out of his chest. The king, looking horrified, lowered his hand and dropped the sword to the ground. The king turned his head slightly and saw his eldest son Albrecht, tears in his eyes, removed the sword from his fathers back. A pillar of fire sprung up where Valhalla was being pulled,walked right out and saw the king was taken care of. The king slowly turned to face his son, struggling to keep himself up, the symbol o his forehead dissipated, along with the red sky, and the dark clouds, revealing a beautiful pink and purple hue, it seems the sun is beginning to rise.


His father said with a croak, realizing that he was looking at his son for the first time. He then began to drop to his knees, Albrecht dropped his sword and quickly grabbed his father.

“When did you return home?”

His fathers voice sounding very faint, life is beginning to leave him. Albrecht was confused, he has been home for several days now, yet his father believes it was only recently.

“I’m so sorry my son, but I must leave now, I trust you can take care of things while I’m gone.”

Albrecht’s eyes saddened, tears flowing like a waterfall, ashamed at what he has done. Daemyn crawled over to his father and placed his hand on his fathers, laying still over his stomach. His father turned his head to face his youngest son and smiled calmly at him, his eyes began to close, and his breath became still.

Not the full ending, sorry it couldn't fit on here.

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