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January 18, 2013
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Valhalla-Thor God of Thunder and Lightning by TorresAdlinCDL91 Valhalla-Thor God of Thunder and Lightning by TorresAdlinCDL91
Thor, God of Thunder and Battle. For many years has he watched over not only Asgard, but all nine realms, making sure there is peace, while also learning to become King in Asgard. Married to Sif, Son to Odin and Frigg, and Brother to Loki. He would sometimes help out the Valkyries in there missions in Midgard or stop the Ice Giants from making chaos in Jotunheim. That is until his own brother went rogue and began destroying half of Asgard, and dashed straight to Midgard. Odin ordered the Valkyries to bring him back while the gods stayed behind to repair Asgard. Many hours later, the Valkyries have returned to Asgard, but not with Loki, instead a young girl covered in blood, a young girl whom Loki orphaned in his fit of rage. Her name is Valhalla, a young priestess from the Temple of Light. From then on Thor has appointed himself Older Brother to little Valhalla.

Voice Actor:
Sonny Strait

Self Critique:
I found a really good image of Thor from the Marvel movie, and used that pose for reference. Sorry for his girly looking face, I'm still practicing males characters. I'm pretty sure his arms are still too damn long . . . dammit. I really liked how I designed this one, very much influenced by the Marvel Thor look, but the story I made up myself, with serious reference from actual Norse Mythology. I also went red head because the original pictures or paintings of Thor he had red hair, I believe even in his stories he was described with red hair, so I went red instead of blond, which is funny because I almost stuck with blond first because of the Marvel Thor lol. Why is coming up with outfits for men such a pain in the ass to come up with. I went through three out fit ideas till I came up with this one. So that was fun. Anyway tell me what you guys think of my Thor.

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Luckkky13 Featured By Owner Jan 20, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
That is one fine gentlemen you have there. I am highly pleased with your design of Thor, it seems fresh and original with a different outlook. You my lady are impeccable.
TorresAdlinCDL91 Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
lmao thank you I'm glad you think so :la:
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